How do your website maintenance & support services work ?

Since many years we have been following successful steps during our web maintenance process.

Clients may either send their requests through email or may talk to us directly on phone.

The technical changes to the website, content and other issues and modifications required in the website are discussed with our clients in detail.

The time period required to complete the task is analysed and the estimated time frame is communicated tothe customers.

The changes are implemented according to the client’s requirements and goal is achieved within the required time frame.

The client is therein informed about the updated changes.

We offer website maintenance package that requires payment only when updation to your website is required thus regulating the website maintenance cost.

Why choose our website maintenance and updates service ?

AJ INFOTEK is always ready to assist you in developing a website as per your needs to enhance your business turnover. We stand ahead to help you in shaping and maintaining your website as required by your business.

You may perhaps have visited many other websites in the process of reaching us. You can have the queries of your mind settled if you just take a few minutes with us here.

A quick browse of our cliental circle and services offered may make you know the end of your search for another company.

  • We hold an experience of over 10 years in serving clients all over India, focussed on Delhi.
  • We keep proper documentation of the projects so that we both are aware of project specification.
  • We have the ability to handle work forces for faster turnarounds and manage large volumes of data and urgent jobs.
  • We have the accuracy in our work and offer quality of data assurance.

Website maintenance plan offered by us also helps in promotion of your website and thus keeping you atop of the search engines. To promote your website, long hours dedicated work is required. The website needs to be worked upon continuously to bring it to the top rank in search engine and then to maintain the level.

Once your website is on the first page in search engine then your business is automatically effected with greater number of visits.

A comprehensive package of wesite design, domain hosting and maintenance is available at AJ INFOTEK at very cheap price.

Our website maintenance services include free website maintenance for a period of One year for the website developed by us.

We provide priority service for all your tasks.

We offer and economical maintenance of your website at your disposal.

The quality of your website is maintained when regular editions will be made at professional level.

We provide a complete back-up of your website so that you may not lose it anytime.