Search Engine Optimization

So, in the last module we learnt about the basics of how to build a website. In the current section we will learn about Search Engine Optimization and how it can help the owner of the website.

What is Search Engine optimization (SEO)?

SEO is a technique of getting more and more traffic on the website. It is a way by which your website can be made more visible in the Search Engine’s results. So in effect it is just a modern selling tool. Its a way by which the website owner can make the website reach to greater number of people by making it ahead of other search results. SEO can be used for any kind of searches viz. Text search, Image search, or even a video search.

For example if you are searching for “website design in South Delhi” then you get 12,900,000 results. However, usually the user clicks on the Top 5 search results. So in effect the remaining 12,899,995 search results become irrelevant as they never get clicked by the user. So if your website is figuring in these 12,899,995 search results, then God be with you!

SEO as a technique came into foreground in late 1990s and currently it is one of the best known Internet Marketing Strategies.To gain a deeper insight into how SEO works it s essential to first understand how a Search Engine works. An Internet search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing works on a set of Algorithms that help it to return the most relevant search results. The Search Engine keeps an Index of the keywords – where they find them. When the user looks for a keyword they return the results based on the Indexing file. This is a very simplistic explanation. Let’s dig deeper.

To understand more we will first understand what a Web Crawler is. To index the information on the Net, a search engine uses special software called as Spiders to Index the contents on the millions of websites. The spiders “crawl” through the websites and keep Indexing the Info present in those websites. The spider starts at a popular website and then travels to other websites by means of links. The Google Spider is built to Index every significant word on the page. The Spider Indexes keywords, Tags, Meta Tags etc.

In a simplistic scenario the search engine would just store the word and the URL but this would be of no use as the words could have been used in an unimportant way. So the search engine should rank the pages by assigning weights to the words. This weightage is given by using different criteria. The criteria varies from Engine to Engine.

By using SEO techniques one can increase the rank of a particular website on these Indexed Pages. If the rank is increased then it will increase the traffic on your website thereby leading to more Selling and more Profits.