Website Redesigning

Steps towards Website Redesigning

Research: Before we even start Website Redesigning we should do ample amount of Research to ensure which aspects of the website need to be redesigned. For doing so the best way is to see who are the current visitors of your website and whether they fall in the target segment that you are aiming at. To understand who is your current visitor one can use a Research tool such as Google Analytics. This will help you to understand the demographics of the visitors of your current website. One should look at where the current visitor is entering the website, how long he is staying on the website, how many pages of your website is he browsing, where do they leave your website, and what percentage actually become your customers. With such a detailed analysis, one can understand broadly which aspects of the website are failing and which are proving to be success points.

In addition to this analytical work, one can also visit current customer and gain an insight as to what lead them to the website. This way one will know where the Website Redesigning is needed and whether it is needed at all or not.

Planning: After the Research work is complete we should move to the next step of Website Redesigning i.e. Planning. Planning the website should be done such that it answers the following questions: What are the major goals of the website? What are the specific things in the website that the visitor should see and read? What pages got included when the visitor became a customer? Which are the redundant pages on the website to be dropped during the Website Redesigning?

Having asked these major questions to yourself will help you immensely in Website Redesigning. It will help you to remain focused on to the essentialities during the Website Redesigning process and not to waiver from the goals of Website Redesigning.

Designing: AThis is the phase of Website Redesigning when the goals that you enlisted during the Planning phase are to be executed. One should focus only on what has been planned. Also it should be kept in mind that the Website Redesigning process as a whole should be done in a collaborative way with the client for whom the Website Redesigning is being done. Only the owner of the website knows what he wants from the website and only he can act as the best guide during the whole Website Redesigning process.

Content: After designing is complete the next step is to check the content of the website that is being redesigned. To do this, one can see each page of the website and put the content in broad outline format. For each page one can list out the bullet points that are like the highlights of the page. This will help to create a brief summary of the website. Then one can try to understand whether these summary points actual conform to the goals of the website hat were decided during the Planning phase.

The content doesn’t mean only the written part of the website but also includes other aspects such as the Logo, and Graphics, Videos, Hyperlinks etc. Al these should be kept in mind while doing the Website Redesigning.

Development: This is the technical phase of the Website Redesigning process. In this the requisite changes are to be made to the software or coding part of the website. If it is a website with a lot of content it will be wiser if the codes are broken down into different pies and start developing each pie and then merge it to form your final website.

Launching and TestingThis is the final phase of the Website Redesigning process. In this phase mostly the clients ask for a 100% go in one shot. A better approach would be to go in phases. So the redesigned website can be opened to lets say 40% of the new customers. In other words a beta testing can be used. This also helps to understand and compare the demographic profile of the previous and new visitors of your website and whether it is in line with the goals that you enlisted in the Planning phase. The Testing process should also ensure that the Website Redesigning process that you had undertaken has yielded positive results for the customer and given him a positive Return on his Investment.